Smart-Cam DXF

Download Smart-Cam DXF

Smart-Cam DXF is an application that depends on computerized measurement which is based on machine vision. It gives the output in the DXF file version and it is very easy to use. It uses video or photographic images, image processing and mathematics to produce DXF format CAD documents to directly input into an array of CNC machines. The software supports many methods for acquiring images, calibrating and converting them into DXF files.  Usually, the software can use 2 modes of calibration. It has got a manual measuring mode for verification and utility purposes, with 3 functions to get loading a disk, acquiring an image and giving a DXF file as output in real-world metric units or English or any other scale that you want.

The features of the software include-interactive screen display on a large scale, 3 reverse engineering functions which can be configured individually, processing of files is done lesser than 100  milliseconds and accurate sub pixels. Other features of the software are- razor sharp resolution of 48 megapixels, configurable text backgrounds and colour schemes, option to expand the software window, digital camera with video is provided too. The number of decimal places that you would want is configurable and there is an option to display fractions too.

The only limitation of the software is that it can work with only 640X480 resolution images. You can download the software by paying $19.95. A free trial version option is also available but it has limited features on offer. It is compatible with Windows XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000, Vista, 7 and also the latest Windows 8.