Infinite Geometry

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Mathematics has been a base to all scientific development. Apart from arithmetic, algebra and calculus; geometry is an important part of it. Geometry is used by engineers for constructional purpose, rocket design by NASA. Here is an application called Infinite Geometry, which helps learners to grasp geometrical concepts and provides practice session for learners. It was invented by a mathematics teacher. It is mainly used by teachers, which help them to improve their teaching techniques. This software is made for understanding the markings of a geometrical diagram, construction, parallel lines and coordinate plane, properties of triangle, congruency, similarity and various other problems related to geometry. Customized worksheets are provided, which is used to learn and practice the desired geometrical class. The worksheet will be presented within a short span of time. This software differentiates the instruction that the learner gives, improves material being provided and adjusts according to the classes the learner is in. This software also provides the learners with a question answer session. The users themselves select the criterion's and choose the question type. This way the learners or users can put to test their knowledge in a particular area they are learning. Questions are not generally repeated because the software comes up with fresh questions always and hence it never faces a shortage of questions being asked to the users. Once you learn the portion you have studied, you can change your area of study and also modify your assignment. Modification helps learners to challenge their own knowledge and allows learning more and more. Diagrams are also drawn for better understanding and learning. Even graphs are used for cases where it is required to. You can create worksheets also. Windows xp, vista as well as windows 7 are capable of supporting this wonder application. This application after being installed doesn’t even require internet connection.