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Graphmatica is a powerful, effective and great tool that will  help you to resolve any mathematical equation you need. It features the capabilities for generating 2D graphs for inequalities, cartesian functions, parametric and differential functions and relationships with the help of its support for calculus and numerical calculations. It uses the latest techniques for data plotting and you can have as many as 999 graphs plotted simultaneously on the same screen.

The program has the capability of recording the last entered 999 equations and you can save them all for later usage. It has a powerful parser that converts your input to the mathematical language and makes calculations easier by its intuitive interpretation. A library of mathematical functions is used for the calculations before graphing. An advanced plotting engine offers you six choices for your graphs including Polar, Parametric, Linear, Slope, Cartesian and the type of graph is decided automatically based on your variables in the equation. Plotting graphs and curve fitting makes it easier to analyze experimental data and find appropriate equations to use. A powerful support for numerical calculations let you solve problems and display the results in the form of integrals and tangents, intersections of cartesian functions, solutions, critical points, etc.

The program makes itself the most usable by offering very simple to use functions and controls like toolbar, status bar and popup menus. A redraw combobox lets you recall any equation from history to edit, delete or plot. Mouse based operations let you easily select co-ordinates or enter equations without the need to type anything. You get to select the graph paper based on the type of plotting. You can choose between regular paper and special papers for different type of graphs. It even offers you lots of options for your output. You can copy the equations, graphs and point tables to clipboard or print them in one of the two qualities of print.

All its features and controls are customizable to your needs so that you have a complete control over the functioning of the program. All your preferences and settings are saved and applied the next time you run the application. A comprehensive help for each type of graph and the instructions about using each of the controls and features is an added advantage.

It's perfectly designed for you if you are looking for an application that provides you with precise results. This can be used by high school students to college students and even teachers.


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