Download The Visual Thesaurus

Visual thesaurus is a kind of dictionary which is interactive. It is a thesaurus that forms maps of words which showers branch and meaning to the connected words. The ingenious display of the thesaurus inspires learning and exploration. Visual thesaurus helps us to apprehend language in a new way, which is very powerful. Synonyms of words can be easily chalked out with the help of visual thesaurus. This thesaurus does not work like paper-bound books rather it works like our brain. One can learn intuitively and naturally from this thesaurus and can even explore. Correct words can be uncovered in simple way making one adept to know the English language concretely.

There are certain salient features of the visual thesaurus. The visual thesaurus contains one lakh forty five thousand English words with one lakh fifteen thousand meanings. It works on the betterment of vocabulary; it helps to search the semantic relationships of the words with the other words and also helps to find the meanings. Moreover it works on the improvement of vocabulary, thirty nine thousands proper noun can be explored; phrases, trademarks and historical details are also incorporated. It also helps to check spellings and serves with British as well as American pronunciations. Display of seventeen semantic relationships, font size and filter content can be controlled by using the control panel. Many more features are there; these are few important features of visual thesaurus.

There are some ways to use the visual thesaurus. The centre plays an important role, those meanings and words are shown by visual thesaurus which is connected to the display that is in centre. History, viewing suggestion, searching words and changing preferences, all these can be done by setting the toolbar, back or forward buttons help to navigate easily. Clicking on a word brings it in the centre and pressing the speaker menu the word is spoken. Word meaning is learnt by rolling the mouse over the word. Certain special features are there like spell correcting, printing, web page search and internet images. Thus visual thesaurus is handy and a simple way to navigate the world of English language. This amazing software is compatible with Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7 and also with the newly released Windows 8.


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