Spell 1st Home Edition

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A product that has been designed and developed by Symbionica, Spell 1st Home Edition is a language development tool that is intended for young kids and is built on the philosophy that kids can give a huge push to their vocabulary and comprehension by recognizing words at an early age. These words are also referred to as the 100 Sight Words, which is believed to form almost 50 percent of all literature. This utility promises to make learning words fun, interesting, and exciting; while at the same time emphasizing on a self-learning mode by interacting with the characters incorporated in this learning tool.

The tool initiates with a baby whose favorite spot is under the kitchen table and helps you learn and pronounce the 100 sight words. There are also several animal characters that are introduced at various levels within the tool to make the learning more interactive and more fun. After every 10 words, you are introduced to a new animal who becomes your coach. Besides the dog, there are also other animals like lion, zebra, giraffe, monkey, elephant, penguin, jaguar, and guinea pig. These characters are also designed to give cues of whether the answers are right or wrong through their expressions.

These features can be interesting to young children, making it an appealing and interesting way to begin their language lessons. Thus, whether your kid is a first grader or a pre-school kid; this tool promises to be a nice way to introduce them to words and spellings. You can check out this tool using its free trial version that is available for a limited period of 15 days. The voice over of the characters has been implemented using Microsoft’s Speech Engine. The tool can be implemented in all Windows platforms including Windows 98, 2000, 7, 8, Me, XP, and Vista versions.