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SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary is based on the 267,000 plus words of SOWPODS list of accepted Scrabble Words. People who are into Scrabble should have this app as it is very useful while playing Scrabble. Both recreational and professional Scrabble players should have this app as it is very helpful in improving their knowledge and skill in scrabble words. Many times while playing Scrabble people end up in disputes over whether a particular word is acceptable or not in the game of Scrabble. But with the SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary you can easily verify and find out whether it is acceptable or not. The SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary contains a dictionary consist of more than two hundred thousand words list, all of which are permitted in Scrabble. If there is any dispute regarding a word, then the user can easily verify it using the SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary.

There are also many features which make it one of the best apps for Scrabble dictionary in the market. With the help of SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary, the user can search for all the words possible with a particular letter, verify the authenticity and acceptability of a particular word in Scrabble, search for any possible words having two or one missing letters, etc.

The user can also search and browse for alternative words or synonymous words using the SOWPODS (Scrabble) Dictionary. The user can also view words by Scrabble value, sort or arrange the words in alphabetical order or by Scrabble word value, print the word list, filter by word size or by Scrabble word value, use wildcards, verify words, etc. All these features make the app popular among the users who play Scrabble. The app is compatible with all the versions of Windows  ME, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.




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