Multi-Web JEDic 2005

Download Multi-Web JEDic 2005

Multi-Web JEDic is a very special dictionary of Japanese to English translation. It has been designed for teachers, learners and translators.  It is one of the useful software that has the ability to consult many famous dictionaries over the World Wide Web at the very time. With the help of Multi-Web JEDic, it has become very easy to input any word that you want to search in the search utility box just one time then click Enter. The software will automatically search from 10 different dictionaries present in the web and display the result on the screen. It has the ability to work, if you want, with ten different famous dictionaries.

All the meanings that are included in these dictionaries have covered virtually every current language, which is technical as well as general. You can even spot the difference between these dictionaries when you compare them to other dictionaries which most of the time leave you clueless. The dictionary is really of the highest quality which is ideal when you are studying language or for everyday use. It is fun to use and user-friendly software.

In addition to this, the software has 2 more offline dictionaries. These offline dictionaries can help you when you don’t want to search online.The software is very much compatible with the following Windows version: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.