Download MerlionWords

In today’s era when you want to learn new languages and expand your knowledge, you don’t have to go to any translator to learn. If you have a computer with operating system windows 8, you can easily learn not only different languages but also the correct way to pronounce it with the help of a wonderful application called Merlion words. It will help you to learn any language from your base language. This application has 15 different categories in which you can gain knowledge. For example, animals, fruit, Color, kitchen appliances, numbers, marine life, vehicles, vegetables, food, stationary, country flags, furniture and so on. You have to select your category and the language you are compatible with. Then you have to select the language you want to learn. Just a click or touch and you will come to know the name of that object in your preferred language. In addition to it, if you touch the speaker icon you can listen to pronunciation of the new word you just learnt. This enables your confidence to speak in public and people will not fall of laughing your pronunciation. You can change your language preference from the settings panel. Another unique feature about this application is that you can learn to write the words in your IPad itself. You only need to let your fingers to encircle the already written new words. You can practice as many times as you want till you learn or just jump over to a different category. This application provides beautiful illustration to every item you access. This illustration makes the application more colorful and makes it catchier. So the next time when you want to learn new language, you can just access this application and bit by bit learning new words you can learn all by yourself and create wonder.