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A free to use software utility; Linguatic Dictionary, as is evident from its name, is a multi-lingual dictionary tool that allows you to learn or find the meanings of words by simply selecting a word or phrase. The implementation of the translation process is quite simple; select a word or phrase that you want translated along with its specific mouse or keyboard buttons. The tool immediately launches a search in its different versions of supported dictionaries and its database of glossaries that includes several languages. The word is then displayed along with its translation or word meaning.

This tool is considered an ideal choice when you want to find the meaning of words in various websites, digital documents, or even in your email messages. It can also be a helpful utility when conducting IM chats with friends or acquaintances, who are not completely fluent in the language you are conversant with. The tool also offers the option to copy text from various applications and find out the meaning or translation using this application. In this context, the tool offers support for various applications such as Microsoft Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, Adobe Reader; and browser applications such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also offers support for extracting text from almost all the popular IM tools or applications.

The tool integrates its search in almost 8 dictionaries, including the WordNet. Moreover, it offers support for various languages with German being its latest addition. Another new feature added to this tool is its new skins. When checking for words, the tool intuitively also searches for related words; this makes your search task more fruitful and your understanding of words or phrases much better. A Windows platform based tool, you can implement this language utility in Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8, XP, Vista, and Server versions.