Download KanjiQuick

KanjiQuick, as suggested by its name, is a quick reference tool that helps you understand or find the word meaning of the Kanji strokes and compounds. Designed and developed by Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache; this tool claims to be an innovative and unique Japanese to English Kanji Dictionary that can take care of all your reading and translation requirements, without any hassle or difficulty.

Moreover, the tool also comes integrated with animated Kanji stroke order display. With this tool, reading Japanese is no longer an issue. The tool includes about 6500 Kanji and 47,000 Kanji compounds; all of which have been used to translate word meaning and help you read the mails or customer queries in Japanese language. The dictionary tool also comprises a reader function that helps you read Japanese documents with ease and simplicity. You can also combine this tool with the TTS Japanese speech generation module, which further enhances the benefits offered by this utility.

This module comprises the Voice of Japan, which reads out the Japanese content out aloud to you. If you are a person who is involved with a Japanese project or have a client or customer support to a team in Japan; this tool can be quite effective and efficient in helping you accomplish your tasks. You can check out this utility on a free to try basis; however, the trial version comes integrated with a Nag screen. You can implement this utility in Windows 2000, 8, and XP versions. The publishers of this tool are also offering a German version of it.