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This amazing software is basically for anybody who is interested in producing speech. It is a good way to keep up the practice in between sessions. People with speech defects will find this an extremely useful tool and also find it to be very beneficial. Not only for speech therapy icSpeech Professional Edition can also be used as an aid or help by singers to improve their singing. It can also be very useful for learning a new language and/or accent training for people learning a new foreign language.

The advantage of using icSpeech Professional Edition is that the patients can get a visual feedback. This makes this the best software in speech training. This is because using the simple and easy to use bio feedback displays, the user or patient can view their speeches in real time. Adjustments can be made to this speech allowing the patient to see the effect these adjustments have on timing, voicing, pitch and loudness. Recordings can also be made by using icSpeech Professional Edition. The user can then perform exact and repeatable measurements on the speech data that is recorded.

icSpeech Professional Edition has a flexible and unique plug and play architecture, which allows the user to record video-fluoroscopy and also view them. The user can also choose to view and record endoscopy images using icSpeech Professional Edition. Other things that may be similarly viewed and/or recorded are tongue-palate contact, nasal and oral airflow and also extended voicing parameters. It has an easy user interface which means all kinds of users can use it with equal ease. It is very easy to install and does not require any complicated setup processes making the user’s job easy. It is an extremely useful software for all those whose work involves speech production.

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