Download English’s Big Grammar Book

English’s Big Grammar Book is a book designed for a wide variety of end users including English language grammar teachers, university students of initial grades, and people who wish to improve their English language skills. The main aim of this book is to provide English grammar teachers with practical evidences in putting forth the usage of proper grammar in real life situations. This book can be taken as a reference book for teaching students in the Beginners level; for example, in the core curriculum of ESOL, it covers Level one and two.

The book is well designed and is divided in to four parts, with the difficulty level increasing with each part. The first part begins with basics of English grammar and the difficulty level as well as the challenge in answering the questions increases with each part. This book even considers those students who have never used English in their life and hence covers the basic such as numbers, writing alphabets, spelling of days, months, and years, etc.

This book is also ideal for students who wish to study from home, as there are innumerable work exercises at the end of each chapter. The most notable feature is that all the answers for the exercises are provided at the end of each chapter. This helps students who wish to learn the grammar on their own, at home. Also this book focuses to guide teachers to ensure that the new comers are not overlooked in the curriculum. The lessons ensure that all categories of students are taken care of and all level of knowledge covered. This book is certainly a best offer to ensure that the standard of English is maintained and the grammar spoken is the same throughout by all immaterial of their nationality, exposure, or knowledge.

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