Download Check It Again (Book One)

Do you think your English language skills are good? If yes, then please spot the errors in the following sentences. ‘I’ll go home when my mother will call.’ Or ‘if I was the president, I pass new laws.’ There may be the problem of helping verb or just the tense. It could be any missing article or any subj-endive mood. There may be any mistake or noun, conjunction or just spelling. I think you’re not sure. You should download this book which definitely help you to recover the common mistakes that anyone makes generally. It make you able to examine the common mistakes that you daily read in newspapers, product advertisements, online magazines, novels and much more. Undoubtedly, you all are familiar with McDonald famous quote “I’m loving it”. Do you think it’s grammatically correct?

This application contains 60 incorrect sentences in English language which includes almost all kind of mistakes. Every sentence contains just one mistake, initially you have to find out the mistake then then write the correct sentence. This app help you to learn the common mistake which we generally make. In this way, you can modify your skills. You can download this application without paying anything. Just download it for free and enjoy.

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