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acForm Decoder is a useful and efficient software which is most useful for electrical designing in circuits and other electrical related equipment. The main objective of this software is to decode the circuits and obtain the original and intact information or circuits. The decoder can also transform a script of texts or html entities into the initial unmodified language or java script. It is a handy software utility, which does a great job in decoding incomprehensible java script text entities into language that can be understood and read. It can also convert URLs into readable language. Any kind of unsafe or pirated data can also be decoded appropriately to give proper results.

The usual java script characters and objects are converted using the seven bit alpha numeric of the ASCII code of characters and numbers. Unicode characters sand objects of eight bit ASCII value are usually decoded by using the UTF eight standards. This software includes static methods and techniques for decoding the complex and complicated java script language from the MIME language.

The decoding process implemented by this software is the opposite of the URL encoding process, and is faster, easier and time saving. The greatest advantage of this software is that it can successfully deal with illegal strings without compromising on the users security and personal safety. This software is compatible with all the latest versions of the Windows operating system like windows XP, Vista, 7 and windows 8. It was launched in the year 2008, and since then it is being extensively used by a variety of users.