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It often becomes necessary to create a tournament bracket and there seems to be a dearth of softwares aimed at performing this task.Tournament Bracket Builder is a very helpful software. It was originally designed for creating tournament brackets for hosting household tournaments. But eventually it grew in popularity and seemed to be a perfect choice when it came to building tournament brackets.

Tournament Bracket Builder was originally programmed with a maximum of 32 players in mind. It is a completely free and legit software which can be downloaded free of cost. It does not even require to be installed. The user needs to download a zip file, unzip it and simply run it. While creating a tournament the software asks for the tournament name, tournament size and tournament type. Tournament size refers to the number of players or teams competing in the particular tournament. Tournament type refers to the type of elimination that would take place in case of a loss. There are two types of elimination: single elimination and double elimination.

Tournament Bracket Builder incorporates the following interesting features which enhances its popularity:
● creation of brackets in HTML format which aids easy modification of the entered facts as well as printing of the tournament bracket,
● free license and small size,
● easy to use and no difficult options to navigate through.

Developer Steven Garbett has done an excellent job in designing this simple yet useful tool for the likes of those who are heavily involved in organizing tournaments. With no hidden features and easy handling of options, Tournament Bracket Builder easily ranks as the number one in its category. No extravagant options means less size and complexity and this is exactly what users have been looking for. Tournament Bracket Builder is the tool of choice for everyone!