Total Cricket Scorer

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The task of maintaining scorecards of live cricket matches have always been entrusted to experienced professionals only. But those days are over. Total Cricket Scorer has come to the rescue. With this wonderful software in use, even laymen can take on the daunting task of scorekeeping. In fact, Total Cricket Scorer has proved to be so useful that it is used for recording scores and player statistics at national and international matches. With just a simple click of a button, the scorer can accomplish great perfection and efficiency in the otherwise challenging task.

Total Cricket Scorer includes the following clever features to make the task of scorekeeping a child’s play:
● separate areas for calculation of batsman and bowler statistics,
● full and detailed analysis of player performance during a match,
● graphs to showcase match statistics,
● display of the actual scoreboard while the match is continuing,
● updates player scores and statistics as soon as they change for fans to follow,
● color coding to enhance viewing experience as well as to ease the handling of statistics.

Total Cricket Scorer has proved to be very trusted and hence has paved its way into the heads and hearts of cricket fans all over the world. The computerized techniques and modernized approach has helped it achieve great success, both amongst professionals and amateurs. Both have embraced this clever tool to reduce their pain in competing with the ever changing statistics of the game. From maintaining personal records of individual players to keeping pace with the scorecards of live matches, there is nothing that Total Cricket Scorer cannot help with. It works with a huge combination of hardware and software and hence has spread like wildfire. It can be purchased at a very nominal price and the user can choose to update it whenever required. But it is hardly an issue when they can enjoy such great features, all at the click of a button!