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You can call Scancat-Gold as an All-In-One Computer Program and it takes perfect control of the Police Scanner you have and even of the Shortwave Receiver. It provides the right support to all the radios which have been in-tuned  within a single program. By making the best use of the mechanism, you can even support the most eminent manufacturing radios like AOR, KENWOOD, ICOM, JRC, YAESU RADIO SHACK and UNIDEN. Now, one more feature of the New Trunk Tracking Support has been recently included for models like BC245, BC780, PRO2052 Radio Shack and BC895 Uniden. In fact, the working of the software is truly commendable.

The kind of computer control software package is all the more capable of playing its part well. This comes in the Windows Version of 7.01. The program has been uniquely designed for running on the IBM Compatible PC’s in unification with MS Windows 3.1 or more than that.

In this case, you get a radio with an in-built interface and it may even come with an external interface, which is being connected to a sort of serial port belonging to the computer functioning with Scancat. This software comes with 124 illustrated pages and it even has to offer cross referencing and indexing. In fact, you have more to explore and speak about.

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