Download Party Pro for iPod

Party Pro for iPod has some of the contents, which you can easily go through on your iPod. Here you get more than 800 of recipes on drinks and you can even look at the photographs of the chosen drinks. You can even know about 55 varieties of drinking games and get information regarding global bar and also of the club database. With the aid of this software, you even come to know of bartender and all 411 tricks and tips. You can even get hold of 100 pickup lines for all women and men.

Party Pro for iPod comes with the kind of unit converter for measuring the drinks and here you even get to see post party solution features. The version 9 of the tool has been updated with contents for 2008, and it even contains installer, and unit converter for perfect drink measurements.

You have lots of thing to enjoy and make use of with Party Pro for iPod. The software is all about having fun at your fingertips. This will help you to have a good time with friends and can even cause an inception of a party.

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