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Optimik is the best free tool to help you have interior cutting for the maximizing of several material like sheet metal, textile and wood. With the kind of machine, you can have a reduction in waste and you can even create an alignment in the patterns to give way to geometrically optimized combinations. In case your furniture has gone out of shape, you can make the best use of the tool in order to enhance the reusability of the furniture. This is the sort of tool, which can help you to have a good practicing of the hobby.

The free version of the software is all the more functional. There are certain modules in the tool, which can cause a limitation of the records. With Optimik, there has been a launching of the database tool. The database software comes with multiple language and help options. With this, you can have an accessing of the local database or even the best server based database.

It is important for you to know that Optimik is completely modular. The modules, which come with the software, are Products, Cutting Plans, Jobs and the kind of Stock which is required for handling particular tasks. You can begin with the Start Page and then you can easily access several things like Backup, Program Setting and the rest.

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