Download Facetune for PC Windows

Facetune for PC Windows is the perfect touch up tool to edit the human faces in a picture. This application can do the work of heavy softwares like Photoshop yet it is simple and easy to use that it will take a few moments to learn the secrets to use the application. The collection of actions that you can put into your photo with this tool is enormous. To start, you can consider the most basic edits like rotating of image, mirror image flipping, filters, changing light and others.

To get into the actual utility of this tool, you need to apply them on a picture containing human face. You can change the smile in any photo, change the texture of the skin, make your eyes for dominant and attractive, change the color of your hair redefine many other facial features using simple to use options. You can further add make up or art to your image to emphasise some features or just for design.

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