Download Dayframe (Chromecast Photos) for PC Windows

Dayframe (Chromecast Photos) for PC Windows is a unique photo viewing application that will make you remember your situations and memories that you have stored in the form of pictures. This is a fully automated slideshow player that collects all your pictures and plays them in a unique order to help you relieve your memories. The slideshow is customizable and allows you to change the settings to set any specific order or change the time to make it suitable for you.

The application has added features to synchronise with most of the social networking sites with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, 500px, Google+ and many more. This feature allows you to keep all your photos in one single place and you can visit this place to find any photo you are looking for. You can also set screensaver using this application and build custom lists to be played at specific moments. To help you learn to use the application, it comes with a built-in guide.

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