Download Afterlight for PC Windows

Afterlight for PC Windows is a powerful application that you must have on your computer to take on various types of photo editing tasks. The main purpose of this application is to make editing very simple and easy to accomplish without having to handle the complicated data that you should alter to make amends to your photos. But in this application, you just need to use any of the 15 adjustment tools that take care of all the internal and difficult work on your behalf.

Each of the adjustment tool is specifically designed to alter the picture in a specific and produce a specific type of output. Besides these, there are over 59 filters. Out of the 59 filters, 27 are auto adjustable, 14 are guest filters and remaining 18 are in the seasonal packs. You will also get 66 textures that are provided to bring out a specific feel out of your photo. Other than these, there are numerous frames, cropping tools and some other tools that make your editing, simple and wonderful.

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