Download 3d Chop Shop

This is the best mechanism ever to help you design and develop your dream bike. The demo is fabulous and in the manner you can design your bike specifications. The demo version of the software comes limited, but still in case if you can wait, you will be able to check the performance of the tool. The 3d Chop Shop comes with a shinning and good interface and you have to render a large shopper in the mid way of the screen and you have the best buttons for proper zooming on certain parts of the bike that you would like to see clearly.

However, the demo of the 3d Chop Shop comes with single stock body template and thus it won’t give you option for saving, capturing or printing. With the easily accessible drop down menu you can have a proper selection of the parts of the bike you want to see.

With the help of the drop down menu of 3d Chop Shop, you can easily visualize parts like headlights, fenders, wheels and handlebars. You even have the advantage of changing the colour scheme of the bike. You can even implement personal designs to make the bike look exceptional.

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