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Developed and published by MonkeyMatt, the software program Big Stretch Reminder Program helps to be stress free, healthy, and fit as free from all diseases which gets automatically induced between computer users. This program helps in remembering the utility and health benefits of taking small breaks between working in front of the computer at a stretch.It is a wonderful and user friendly tool to get reminder for work break. It’s a free software can downloaded from internet without any hassle and it is compatible to run Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The downloadable file size is

Computer has become the part and parcel of our work and life style disease like carpel tunnel syndrome etc became an inevitable evil in our life. Doctors often prescribe the patient that working continuously in front of the computer is injurious to health and brain too in terms of exhaustion. Software program Big Stretch Reminder Program speaks same but it reminds digitally how important it is to take a break while working on computer. The program starts sending a break message in a stipulated interval and reminds users to take a tea break or a BRB break and resume at work after sometime after enjoying some relaxed moment with relaxed muscles. The user can install a sound/alarm alert or can set a countdown timer on the screen reminding to take a break in the system tray.

The features of this health and fitness software is simple buy has great functionality. The latest version allows a user to input multiple number of customized messages or motivational quotes to keep the energy level up.A user can install his/her preferred music or sound at the break time to make the break more enjoyable. The interface is redesigned in the latest version; in break now users can see a movie also and as per discretion the break can be initiated from the system tray menu also.

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