Download TK3 Reader

TK3 Reader is a free to use, free to download software utility that is intended to help users open, view, and read multimedia based digital eBooks that have been created or saved using the TK3 file format. Generally, multimedia books created using the TK3 Author tool are saved in this format; and this reader utility makes it possible to open, view, and read these eBooks with ease.

This tool makes it possible to view TK3 based eBooks or multimedia files to be opened without the need for its creation software. Therefore, once the files have been created other project team members or even end users can view the multimedia files without having to install the Author tool in their systems. This reduces the learning curve involved to understand the usage of the authoring software as well as cost and effort in terms of installing additional software in your system.

Some of the prominent features offered by this utility are highlight features, sticky notes to add comments, annotations, hyperlinks to web pages, and a search function that helps you easily and quickly find content within the multimedia books. This tool is a product that has been designed and developed by Night Kitchen and can be implemented in almost all Windows platforms.

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