Download Softxyz Mobi to ePub Converter

Softxyz Mobi to ePub Converter is a software developed for ensuring that the files based on MOBI format can be read on the eReaders that do not have the capability to read them. This converter tool is used to change the file format from MOBI to ePub, which is a recognized format in all types of eReaders. This application is specifically designed for the conversion of MOBI format files to ePub format files and to be read on computers installed with ePub readers, Tablets, iPad, iPhones, iPod touch, Android phones or tablets, and Sony readers.

This tool is specifically designed for the format conversions and is very easy to use even for a novice user. The user needs to first import the MOBI format file in to the tool and has to decide on the conversion options within the tool set up. Once the settings for conversion are finalized and conversion performed, the transferred ePub books need to be copied on your devices. The most mentionable feature of this conversion tool is its high speed of conversion rate and the accuracy of conversion.

There have been no problems faced so far by any one in reading the converted files from an eReader application. Also the tool allows the user to convert multiple files at a time. There is a free trial version available for a limited period of time. Even the version offered for cost is at a very nominal one. For those fans of eBooks, this is a software which will remove all your frustration in finding one tool to read all format of books through a eReader.

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