Download PDF Reader for PC Windows

PDF Reader for PC Windows makes comfortable reading with DjVu and PDF. It is applicable for both document and book reader. This application is small in size, functionable and clear. The app being fully customizable, the readers could choose the way they want to read.

Document thumbnail is displayed by the application and is capable of finding all the books. Documents could be easily fixate. You can switch between read mode and control mode. If fixate by width, it will not shift or move from right to left. There is a separate table of content and search text in book.

There are e-Reader keys like Kindle, Nook and Sony. Both light theme and black theme are available. Bookmarks on pages are also available. White document borders could also be cut. For recent books a desktop widget could be created. The search directories are configurable. There are separate mode for musicians and have password protected PDF files.

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