Nook for PC

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Nook for PC is a simple eBook reader utility that has been designed for Barnes & Noble’s publications. And as suggested by its name, this utility allows you to read the eBooks that have been designed and published by this publisher, in your PC itself. A simple tool with a simple interface, the utility comes with a clean and clear layout that allows you to choose your options with ease and go about your task with simplicity and swiftness. The side panel offers you the various functionalities that are available in this tool such as the ability to search through the library for books, a settings option that allows you to customize the tool as per your requirements, a User guide that helps you with regards to understanding the features of the tool, and a link to the book you are currently reading.

There is also an online shopping option that links you to the Barnes & Noble website from where you can purchase your eBooks or even download samples for future reference. The tool does not come with a built-in shopping feature, the tasks related to the shopping have to be executed through the publisher’s website. You need to create an account with the publisher for this purpose. The user guide is not as extensive as it is expected to be, and this can be considered as one of its limitations. Nevertheless, the tool is overall simple and easy to understand.

You can use the settings menu to configure the font, margins, as well as to add annotations, highlight text, or search for word meanings using Wikipedia. There is also a bookmark feature to help you return to where you left off in a book. The tool in itself is easy to install and uninstall; although, it does leave a residue file after the un-installation process. Despite these limitations, the tool promises to be a beneficial tool and can be downloaded for free. It is supported in Windows 2000, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions. With this tool, you no longer have to be dependent on your eBook devices to enjoy your favorite digital books.