Download Machine Age Reader

Machine Age Reader is an electronic reader tool designed and developed by Black Obelisk Software. This tool is certainly a better way to read the electronic documents without any hindrances. This tool can read even a poorly formatted file with texts in the most logical way, providing much value to the end user. This reader tool can accept as input eBooks, simple notes and all forms of text contents including all standard email inboxes. The tool has an inbuilt library files which can handle all formats of text files currently available in the information technology market.

The tool also has a format cleaner module, which is intelligently built to repair any damaged formats before attempting to read from. It provides options to have a two page format of text inputs and is designed to read from it. The automatic page turner is an admirable feature available in this product which allows it to continue reading the eBook and other document files by bringing the next page in to focus on the screen and more importantly, continuous reading.

The tool has a universal search option which allows you to make the tool search for a particular word throughout with precise details read. The tool also provides different options for font setting and background color. The user can select from a preset of allowed colors. This tool is a free to download software, but with regular upgrades and updates. This reader tool is designed to operate on all flavors of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Win 7, Vista, and Windows 8.

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