Download IVONA Mini Reader

IVONA Mini Reader is an intelligent alternative of ebook readers since it replaces the normal reading experience by enhanced hands free voice reading of ebooks. It is a nonpareil tool for reading e-newspaper, web pages, documents, ebooks or emails. IVONA has an inbuilt Txt to Speech converter that converts any text into speech at high speed. It produces a natural voice for spoken words. You can swiftly switch between two distinct modes full and mini.

You can manipulate the speed and volume of the sound voice according the e-document that you are reading. Mini Reader is capable of utilizing any kind of voice that is already installed on your system that is compatible with SAPI4 and SAPI 5. It is even compatible with standard forms of TTS voices. You can even configure each particular voice accordingly. The instructions of the operation can be availed from the user manual guide.

It is very simple to select your reading preferences in this application like a web page, e news, RSS feeds and articles. The interface has a smart graphic design dedicated to easy user understanding and handling. This tool makes operation easy to do, since you can easily switch between the various tabs and selection panels. IVONA Mini Reader is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems.

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