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GooReader claims to be a complete and comprehensive eBook software tool that allows you to download eBooks from Google, besides allowing you to perform several other functions related to the procurement and management of eBooks. As suggested by its name, this utility has been dedicated for eBooks that can be downloaded from Google Books. Designed and developed by an entity called Alfa.NetSoft; you can also use this tool to download books from Google Play and read them, both, online or offline.

The tool offers the ability to create a library of eBooks and manage them using the Bookmark feature or even save them as PDFs for future reference. You can also save parts of a book as image files, in addition to using the annotate feature and marker feature to highlight or extract specific parts of a book. Another interesting feature offered by this tool is the ability to search for content within an eBook. Therefore, this tool claims to offer almost all the important features you would want to view, read, and manage your eBook collection. Almost all books from Google come integrated with 3D features giving it a more realistic feel to your online reading experience. You can use your Google Account to sign-in to Google Books, as well. The tool offers categorical searches that allow you to search for books in a category or search for a particular title within a specific category. Thus, finding eBooks could never get easier and smarter than that!

You can also view all the books in your eLibrary; and the 3D view enhances your experience by making you feel as though you were browsing through a real library shelf! The Help feature is also innovatively integrated into your library shelf and can be found in the form of a book - “GooReader for Dummies”. There is also another book titled, “Quick Start Guide”, which can guide you through the use of this tool as well as get you initiated. Besides opening up a book just like in real life, the tool also offers all the standard options such as zoom, rotate, magnify, draw, export, and print to manipulate your eBooks. This tool can be downloaded for free and implemented in Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.

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