Download Google Books Downloader

Google Books Downloader is a freeware from Gbooksdownloader which helps you to download electronic books from Google Books. It not only helps you to easily and centrally download the e-books, but also allows you to store the e-books in your system in other formats. This tool helps you to convert the downloaded files in to PDF format, JPEG, or PNG file format so that you can view the files either in a browser or through your e-book reader itself. This tool allows you to make Google Books as your public library.

The tool comes in two formats to be downloaded, standard and custom. The standard format ensures that the complete package is installed which contains many additional program installations that are not necessarily required for the downloader tool to perform. The custom edition allows the user to select the programs from the package and with little time, you as a user can easily decide on the program bundle required for your purpose and environment. The tools interface and the architecture design is well done and very simple. The user needs to just input the Google book URL they are interested in, the output storage folder and format menu and a start button. The options allowed to be used in the output formats are the PDF, JPEG and the PNG files. There is also an option provided for the user to decide on the resolution in pixels, of the output file, the user wishes to store.

The tool is tested for its reliability and effectiveness. The pace at which it gets its work down is amazing and the reliability with which the tool finds the free titles in Google is amazing. The simplified functionality of the tool is its greatest feature. The default file conversion for the tool is PDF and the quality of the download is excellent even with an 800-pixel selection. The converted file has all the features of a standard PDF file and we can zoom in and out without any quality break. The tool does not come with a help option and it is certainly justified as there is no complexity involved either in the interface or in its functionality. This tool is certainly the best tool for down loading the e-books from Google Books and converting them in to standard formats for our reference.

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