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Epubor eBook Converter is an all rounder ebook converter tool. Enabled with inter conversion mode, it simplifies any kind of conversion, epub to PDF, or vice versa, Epub to Kindle or Kindle to Epub. A wide range of format is supported by the application making any kind of conversion operation simply a matter of click. A high range compatibility with more than 20 e-readers provides you with extensive authority of choosing from the range. You can select from a broad list of input formats as in PDF, PRC, EPub, Topaz, HTMLZ, AZW, Mobi etc.

Moreover, there is absolutely no deterioration in quality after conversion. You can fit the converted file according to your preference selected in the previous step of conversion. This software is designed in a way to manage multiple conversions within seconds, thus saving your time quite effectively.

The interface is a user friendly and easy one. You can even operate conversion operations at just a simple click. Among the e-reader devices compatible with the application, there are branded ones like Nook, Sony, Kindle, Apple, Kobo along with popular PC e readers Kobo Reader, Kindle for PC, ADE etc. You can even update to accommodate integration with more formats like AZW3 etc.

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