ePub to Kindle Converter

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ePub to Kindle Converter is a converter tool designed and developed by Dongsoft to convert ePub files to Kindle’s MOBI format. Apart from ePub format, this tool is even capable of converting the HTML and TEXT format files to MOBI format. This tool ensures that the eBooks of ePub or Text formats can be comfortably read in Kindle. The tool is designed in a very simple format and all it requires are a few clicks of the mouse and you get the MOBI format files in the desired folder provided as input.

The tool has a well written engine which can convert formats in just seconds. The speed at which this tool converts file is a noted feature of this application. The tool supports batch conversion of files and also accepts files of different formats in its input. The quality of the output is generally well taken care by the application. Complex formats of the eBooks are simplified in the format conversion without any major distortion in the viewing.

The tool also supports varying HTML formats and XML format apart from the ePub and TEXT formats. The tool is available as a free to try version with a validity of around fifteen days. The converter is designed to operate on all flavors of Windows operating systems including XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8 systems.