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Epub Reader is an eBook software utility that has been designed for Windows systems to enable users to view and read ePub books as well as convert these eBooks to PDF documents. Designed and developed by HAN Software, you can implement this tool in Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8, XP, Vista, and Server versions. ePub is one of the most commonly used file formats for eBooks and is popularly used the world over.

This tool will make almost all eBooks accessible to you by allowing you to view and read eBooks that have been created using this format. Moreover, it will also allow you to manipulate the data within these eBooks by allowing you to convert ePub files to PDF documents. The tool also offers the option to convert multiple ePub documents to a single PDF file. ePub format is popularly used because of the many benefits that it offers users such as ability to design re-flowable content, ability to resize text as per different device requirements, etc. These benefits make the content created with this file format globally accessible for users.

And for this reason many publishers and creators of eBook prefer this file format. Having this utility means you can access a whole array of eBooks. And the ability to convert this format to PDF files offers you an added advantage. You can check out the functionalities of this utility by using its 7 day free trial version.

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