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eBooksWriter Lite is a software designed by Visual Vision to enable you to create eBooks with ease. This eBook creator tool is not just a complier, but more than that. It is a perfect visual environment software providing you greater features to create an eBook, in a fast and efficient manner. It has a complete graphical user interface, providing you all the features through its visually understandable windows, rather than command line or script based interface. This tool requires from your side absolutely no coding or HTML scripting. There are no external compilations required from your end. The tool takes care of all the compilations and it happens in the background, without your inputs or botherations. This tool also does not demand any royalty from your creations and you are free to decide on distributing them free on the internet or through any other means.

There are no limitations on the number of eBooks you can create out of this tool. This is truly a Free to use tool with no hidden strings attached in its offer. The tool caters to many of the standards expected out of an high quality eBook creator tool. There is a built in browser available in the tool for you to preview your product.  It also provides you the features to restrict printing or copying the eBook you generate out of this tool. The tool allows you to generate passwords as per the user or groups you form, for the orderly distribution of your product. There is a provision of setting an expiration date for the eBook you generate which will be very helpful in case you provide a free to try version of the eBook.

The tool is flexible in many ways like providing password for only parts of the eBook generated, helping you to provide access to parts of the eBook for demo purpose, etc. There are lots of features provided by this tool which can be incorporated in to your eBook. There are hot spots, standard frames, audio and video file space, pop up windows, and animations; which can be inserted in to your eBook from this tool. The tool also allows you to link standard document formats like PDF and other files in to your eBook. The quick help menu offered and the standard customer service provided makes this tool stand out from its competitors. This freeware is operational on all Windows operating systems including Win XP, Vista, Win 7, and Windows 8 versions.

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