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eBook Pack Express is a professional eBook creation software designed and developed by Ciaslabs software. This user friendly tool has several features packed in it to ensure that you as an end user find it very easy and convenient to create an eBook with standard qualities. This tool can convert files from different formats such as JavaScript, HTML, MP3, flash files and other video files in to stand alone eBooks. Apart from the standard eBook formats, this tool is also capable of converting the above said file formats in to other forms such as eZines, eCatalogues, flexible reports and many other modes of multimedia files.

This eBook creation tool provides you multiple options for the distribution of the target format files. You can easily distribute the eBook either by a CD ROM, a simple email or host it in the internet directly. The tool provides you an option to preview the eBook before final compilation. It also provides you the flexibility to set different security controls over the eBook generated, according to the requirements of the business. The tool’s interface is fully customizable and can be set as per the user preferences.

This tool has many features expected from any standard publishers. It supports various search options which include the full text search. The provision for the display of the splash screen at startup is a very useful feature available in the product. The viewer window is an excellent module useful for the previews and test stages. This tool is available as a free to try version offered for a limited period. This tool is operational on all Windows operating systems including the XP, Win 7, Vista and Windows 8 versions.

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