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eBook Cover Maker Pro, as is obvious from its name, is a software utility that guarantees to help you create cover images or designs for your eBook or digital publication. The tool claims to be easy to use and simple to implement; and the actual cover creation process promises to be a task that takes no more than a few of your valuable minutes. To use the tool, you don’t necessarily have to possess any experience or expertise in the field of graphic designing. The tool comes integrated with several tabbed functionalities that you can select to guide you through the various processes involved in the cover making task.

This tool promises to create a cover for your eBook, irrespective of the format of your ePublication or the intended device for which it is being created. In this context, you can create eBook covers for usage in various reader devices including Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc. The tool also offers the option to save your eBook cover image as a PNG, JPEG, or TIFF file. Once the cover has been created and saved, you can upload it to the online store. Some of the prominent features offered by this tool are ability to use any digital image or photo as your cover page; ability to create an eBook cover of any size dimensions; customizable options including editing fonts and background images; ability to add various text effects such as texture, border, shadow, etc; ability to use various shapes to demarcate text; and ability to undo and redo changes multiple times.

This product has been designed and developed by GatorData and can be implemented in almost all the latest versions of Windows platforms. You can check out the tool using its free trial version that is available for a limited duration of 15 days. The trial version also comes with watermark in its output.

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