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Ebook Converter is a simple yet powerful tool designed and developed by Auexsoft to convert large variety of eBooks at the quickest possible time. Since there are lots of eBooks generated by various developers and tools, and each exists in different file formats, there has been great difficulty by many to open and read these books. This tool solves such problem by ensuring that all formats of eBooks can be converted to some of the well known and standard formats, thereby ensuring readability.

This tool supports formats such as adobe’s epub, pdf, kinlde’s azw, prc, and mobi.  The tool is designed to accept any eBook format and provide option to the user to convert them in to any of the above familiar formats. The Kindle devices do not generally support epub formats and this tool ensures that such epub format files are converted in to a format understood by Kindle devices. Like this the tool takes care of the file format conversions based on the device design. It ensures that the information dependency on the user is minimized and standardization is followed where all possible.

The quality of the file is maximum preserved even upon conversion by this tool. In fact there are some instances where the tool has improved upon the quality of the contents up on conversion. The batch conversion process allowed in this tool is worth mentioning. The tool allows up to two hundred files at one time to be converted to a particular format of choice. The speed of conversion is extremely excellent and the bets in the market. The free to try version is available for a period of thirty days. The cost looks nominal for the functionalities offered. This tool is operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems.