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A free to use software application, Calibre is a simple software solution that is intended to help you manage your library of eBooks. Designed with a simple interface, this tool offers the ability to manage and organize all your eBooks with ease, making it an ideal utility for eBook lovers and those who possess their own eBook libraries. All the features of this tool are professionally developed and intuitively designed; so understanding the various functionalities and using the different features is not a hassle. You can use this tool to view and read several eBooks without any difficulty. The tool allows you to access eBooks already stored in your drives as well as download them from the Internet, directly into this utility. And this process is quite simple.

Even beginners can accomplish these tasks without actually having to browse through the Help files. All the same, an extensive Help feature is included with the tool. The utility allows you to organize your eBooks based on alphabets, tags, or even the cover images of the books. You can also create your own customized tags or cover pages for your books; this feature is especially beneficial when the books do not come with their own cover pages or tags. Besides these standard features, the tool also offers several additional or significant features that make this tool a worthwhile one to use. One of the prominent among these is the ability to convert your eBooks to any format of your choice. And this conversion process can be accomplished with a few simple mouse clicks, which makes it even more endearing.

This functionality is especially useful when you have Readers that do not support certain file types. Such eBooks can be easily converted to the compatible format and you can enjoy your onscreen reading. Another important and beneficial feature is the ability to upload your eBooks to any of your mobile or handheld devices. This process is also easy to execute and makes it possible to pick your favorite eBooks for when you have to travel. With all its useful features, this tool can be a beneficial one for onscreen book readers. This utility is supported in Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.

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