Download Book Creator for PC Windows

Book Creator for PC Windows is the application you need, if you are looking to create simple digital books from your computer. Using this application, you can create books that you would like to publish on online portals, create picture books for your family members, make a collection of your arts and documents and put them in one place, and make a contribution to make learning easier for kids by writing up a book.

Using this application, you can add pictures to your book using the ones that are present on your drive or take from the website with ease. You can add text with rich formatting to make them more interesting to read and follow. The application also features the option to narrate your book and store it with your ebook, to help your reader get the best experience out of it. After you have created your book, if you want others to read it, you can share it through your Google Drive, or email service, and even post it one Google Play Books.


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