3D Topicscape Student Edition

Download 3D Topicscape Student Edition

3D Topicscape Student Edition is an application, which helps you to organize and manage your study materials and notes in fun way and helpful way. While doing a project or studying, we often try to find a website or a note, which we had but can’t find it. With 3D Topicscape Student Edition, it will be much easier as it organizes your notes using 3D concept mapping, which helps you to find the notes in a matter of seconds. After your project or work is done, you can even export it using the Topicscape, which can be the starting point for your project or work. One can also use the Topicscape for revision and references as the Topicscape uses colors and highlights in the 3D maps, which acts as memory aids. The 3D Topicscape Student Edition will even help you to organize your thought before you have even started collecting notes for the new project.

You can start by choosing the name of the topic, the organization, etc. and you can adjust or re-organize whenever you come across the new information or notes. You can drag the notes and webpages onto the topic and map them yourselves for better understanding so that when you go back to search some notes, you can easily find them. While finding notes or websites in Topicscape, one can either use the Topicscape Student Edition’s keyword search or one can simply look around the 3D maps and track it down. Topics can be concepts, categories, subject etc. In 3D Topicscape Student Edition, you can describe how two topics or concepts are related to each other for clear understanding. 3D Topicscape Student Edition is an essential tool for students for effectively managing and organizing of their daily works, notes, projects, term paper, homework, etc.