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3D Issue claims to be a software solution for all your online publishing needs by offering you the ability to create eBooks and digital magazines from simple PDF documents. The tool claims to offer a simple and easy mechanism to create 3D based, page flipping digital publications that can be created within a few minutes. You can convert all you past publications into digital versions with several 3D effects as well as create new digital documents for the Web with the help of this tool. Once you procure the licensed version, there is no limit to the amount of digital books you can create!

The tool claims to offer the ability to create digital publications that can be supported in a whole lot of devices such as your PC, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, mobile devices, Android based devices, eBook reader tools such as Kindle, Sony, Nook, etc. Thus, the ePublications created with this utility claims to be compatible with almost all the devices that are popularly used. You can check out this tool using its free trial version that is made available for a limited trial period of 30 days and for a limited usage of 10 pages. The outputs created using this version come with a watermark inscribed in it. The licensed and professional version of the tool offers several significant features and functionalities.

Some of the prominent among these are the life-time license, one-time installation, support for all platforms, ability to create digital magazines from PDFs and RSS, ability to integrate zoom and page flipping features, ability to print and share the output files in social media, ability to implement keyword searches, ability to create online and offline editions of an ePublication, automatic detection of links, ability to add media rich components in the eBook, and ability to link to websites and email. The output files can be created in MOBI or ePUB format. This is a product of Trinity Innovations.

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