101 EBook Covers and Software Boxes

Download 101 EBook Covers and Software Boxes

101 EBook Covers and Software Boxes is an out of the box thought in the design of a software utility which is quite useful for electronic book publishers. The main usage of this utility is to provide you multiple options for the preparation of the cover for your e-book. In fact one of the main problems faced by the publishers of e-books is to decide on how the cover page of the book should look like. In publishing business it is a well accepted fact that the design and look of the cover page plays a very important role in the sales of the CD’s or DVD’s in the market

This software utility is very simple to use and operate. It provides you a hundred and one ways to design your top cover. There are multiple options on deciding on the font, color, and background page of the e-book cover page. Anyone with little knowledge of design can form various formats of the intended page they have in mind with the help of this tool.

This is a free to download software utility which occupies just less than 4 MB of hard disk space. It is published by Neobiz and can work on all flavors of Windows operating systems. The image editing software of this utility has the same operating layout as any standard image editor and hence very easy to operate. This utility product is certainly a friend in need if you plan to publish your e-book in to the market on any sellable electronic media with an attractive appeal.