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Ski Maniacs is a game that works as kind of a sequel to other games of this genre that were created by the same developer. In the beginning the player would have been required to ride a bicycle and land different tricks, but the summer does not last forever and the winter has come, so the games must be adapted. Riding a bicycle during winter is total craziness but skiing is suited, so this is the aim of the game, to entertain those that cannot reach the ski resort this weekend or for those that are not skilled enough to land a backflip on their skis.

The game is really good: it is designed in Flash and despite being really light weight, it has pretty nice graphics and good effects that are highly enjoyable by a player that starts going down the slope. There are ramps and other elements that can be used in order to achieve some nice tricks and they are mandatory, because without points, the character will not be able to move on the next slope and also buy some better stuff to go down the slope.

Indeed, the game has a nice shop with some stuff available, such as better ski suits and not only. The player can also upgrade the skis for a better and more useful design to take him faster down the slope and he can also learn new tricks that he can put at work during the descent. The tricks that are performed in a fast series can be linked into combos and they will bring in a point multiplier so the player will be able to earn more points that can later be spent in the shop. All of the slopes are nice and some of them are quite challenging, being designed for skilled players.

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