Sensible Soccer 2006

Download Sensible Soccer 2006

If you have had it with the giants of the soccer online games and want some simple fun and also an entertaining game, then Sensible Soccer 2006 is the game you will love. The game has not bothered to make the players look real or life-like in most of the popular soccer games. Instead, there are a number of haphazard looking players coursing through the field playing football that is entertaining and also a lot of fun without all the seriousness of the other football games.

The game may have cartoon-like animation, but this doesn’t mean that the game is easy to play. there is however a lot of chaos on the field and this is very reminiscent of any real life game. the creators have been aiming for a very entertaining and stress-free game and that is why Sensible Soccer 2006 simply focuses on the player having a good time. The controls of the game are simple and uncomplicated for people of all age groups. The physics behind shooting and sprinting is that the longer you hold the ball the farther it will shoot. There is an energy bar for each player, and you have to be careful with that as once it does dead there is nothing you can do about it. You can unlock more and better features in the game by completing the numerous tournaments in the game.

Sensible Soccer 2006 may not win points for graphics, but honestly, the game isn’t really aiming at that. The high strung game play and the comic animation is bound to appeal to people across age and gender. It doesn’t matter whether you are a football fan or not; once you start playing there is no saying how long you are going to remain glued to your screen. The game play is great and very creative, and the game has very simple controls to grasp.