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Pool’m Up, as suggested by its name, is a pool simulation game that was originally designed and developed for Dommelsch, the Dutch Beer manufacturer; and that explains the instructions in Dutch. Therefore, you will also find advertisements as part of the game; however, this in no way disturbs your game play and therefore is not a major limitation. This is a simple and straightforward pool game, which you will enjoy, as it comes with a few additional elements that make the game fun and interesting.

Whenever you shoot a ball down a pocket with Dommelsch’s logo, you will be awarded with three jokers. These come in handy to disrupt your opponent’s game using three different mechanisms. Overall, this gaming application promises to give you a good pool game, with enjoyable soundtrack and impressive graphics. There are two play modes, namely the single player mode and the dual player mode. Playing the game does not involve much learning as the controls are simple and easy to execute.

To position your cue, you need to use the left mouse; and for shooting the ball, you need to hold and release the left mouse. Moving your mouse will help you set your aim. In all, the game comes with 8 balls. You can gain bonuses if you win the game. There is an option to turn off the music, when not required. Moreover, the game offers a hall of fame option where you can add your score and see your ranking, compared to other players. Overall, it is an impressive game that can keep you engaged for hours. The only limitation, if any, is the lack of instructions in English.

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