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PES 2012 has a lot of challenges too face since it is lagging behind in the battle of winning the best sims award, and it does so with little or no difficulty. The game is a sure improvement on its previous versions, and is beautifully created. There have been distinctive and positive changes that have been inculcated to the game to make it more player friendly and gives the players an added advantage when playing the game. there has been an Al Engine added to the game in order to gove players a better sense of reality when playing the game. the defenders and the attackers of the team move as a more interconnected team.

There is a new system introduced into the game that allows the players to pick any player in the field, and this is called the cursor-switching system. There are netter player styles, the animation of the game has improved greatly, and the lighting effects have been changed and upgraded nicely. The graphics in PES 2012 have been stunningly altered for the best. The sound effects of the game are impressive along with the animation. There is a challenge based training session that helps you get the grips of the game. there is also a 10 minute start-up match that you can play choosing a team from various ones present.

The configuration of tactics and the setup screens seem better modified and seem more easy to access by the players. The game play and the premise of the PES 2012 is nicely felt in this session of the game. you get a good feel of how the game should be going. The players of your team and those of the opponents are made to look more life-like and act in a more plausible manner that makes the game feel very real. The training sessions are challenge based, and make for a better training session.

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