Download Olympic Games: Freestyle Swimming

Olympic Games: Freestyle Swimming, as is evident from its name, is a gaming tool that allows you to be a part of the Freestyle swimming competition in a virtual Olympic games. With this tool, you will be able to compete against seven other world-class swimmers, who have been virtually created in the gaming environment. The tool also offers the option to represent any one of the eight countries, including Australia, Canada, Brazil, Holland, France, USA, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and Russia. You also have the option to choose among three events – 200 meters, 100 meters, and 50 meters.

This gaming tool is, basically, built in Portugese and is intended for those players for whom swimming is a passion. Not everyone gets to compete in the Olympics; this gaming software intends to overcome this very limitation by offering its players a virtual environment to appease their dreams. The game controls are quite simple and easy to use, making it a user-friendly gaming environment. This is a gaming application that has been designed and developed by Silvio Martnis – Samprox. The game interface is limited to a 320 x 200 window and does not include any background music. However, it is integrated with interesting sound effects to represent the splashing of water and the cheering of the crowd.

Once you have decided on your representative country, you can start swimming as soon as the Chime sounds. This game is basically a test of synchronization between your hands and eyes. To swim, you need to press the right and left arrow buttons. But this needs to be in synchronization with the arm meters or indicators, represented in red. You can also add a boost to your speed by holding the shift key. However, this will drain your vigor meter, indicating the player’s energy levels. This is regarded as an ideal game for die-hard swimming fans.

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