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The NBA Live series has a huge fan following in all the corners of the globe and NBA Live 2000, being part of the same series is a treat for all the gamers. The game walks the same path as the earlier version (Live 99) and has managed to land into the good books of the gamers as one of the best basketball games around. Game biggies as Fox and Microsoft have tried to tilt the basketball game market in their favor, but to no avail. Make no mistake about it; NBA Live 2000 continues to be the top notch basketball game.

If truth be told, NBA Live 2000 is much the same as Live 99 with few valuable additions in the form of Michael Jordan and many other stars. The game includes the familiar gaming modes as single season, multiple season, exhibition games, simulation mode and the arcade mode. The best thing about NBA Live 2000 is the fact that you get to tweak almost every aspect of the game as graphics, game rules and the quarter length to name a few. Your main objective is to build a successful basketball franchise.

In NBA Live 2000 the gamer would have to develop a winning team and make its way to the top in 25 in-game years. The one-on-one game mode allows you to challenge the legends or stars. The in-game computer AI needs a special mention and makes things quite difficult for the gamers trying to win. In short, NBA Live 2000 is a great basketball game and is certainly worth the money.

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